Day thirteen…

The sun sets on another day…

After 13 days I’m sitting here wondering just how crazy life is. I spent a significant amount of time in quarantine and didn’t see friend’s family or really anyone else for far too long. 13 days of this disease but I have lost far more. I have lost a year of my life and this disease and being safe for others, wearing masks everywhere I went, watching social situations degrade into chaos, seeing people fight over toilet paper and basic staples, losing part of the things that define humanity, well I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I’m not minimizing any of the situations where people lost loved ones and other people suffered needlessly. What I am saying is that the cost I have paid is considerable. I’m sure someone will read this and go off on a rant about how I have only lost convenience and isn’t it worth it to lose a year of your life to be safe? I guess that’s a question we all have to ask ourselves. as we wander through this thing called life, we have no idea when it will end and is giving up any of it acceptable? If we consider that tomorrow is our last day does this last year seem so special that we could give up all that we were and lose so much?

Part of the reason that I am considering this so much is that even with a mask on and everyone masked I caught a disease that I was guided to believe I should not have caught. I was in far more potentially hazardous situations going back and forth to work and I did not catch anything. I was in another state that had no lockdown, and no one wore masks, and I did not catch anything. I only caught something when everyone was being careful and doing the right thing.

Of course, this is all philosophical and we want to protect others, but we also want to protect ourselves. I’m going to say with utmost certainty that if you have any risk factors stay home it’s not worth it going out. I have several friends who have died now that are my age from this disease and others from my best friends’ mother-in-law to a series of other people that I know. Their exposure was minimal, but it appears minimal is enough. Again, I say if you have any risk factors stay home. If you have no risk factors, just be safe. You have to decide if living your life is more important or something else guide you, it is all up to you, it’s all your decision.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, consider your life, where it is and where you want to be. Your choice is for you. I hope you find a good path, no matter what.

sleep sweet, love life, and make good choices …


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