Sunday Reviews: The Octobers

Sundays are for book reviews:

The Octobers: by Avah Rivers

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I was not sure how to approach this book. It deals with a complex person and a complex personality plagued or blessed by DID. As a journalistic view of a person suffering from this disease it would be hard to follow if you did not understand the nature of the disease, or the depth of the intensity inside.

In my opinion you can approach this book in two ways successfully: You can read it and try to understand the conflict going on in the writer; you can read it and enjoy the different approaches to each word and item in the book.

I decided to approach it with both in mind as the book reads a little like an anthology of separate minds even though it is one physical person. There was imagery I was in tune with, and some that I was not in tune with but in the end it was still a good read, and a good ride. Still the book is a wonderful interlude and I enjoyed the read. It may not be for everyone, but I feel strongly that voices need to be heard, and books as this are a worthwhile read at any time.

Keep reading and enjoy your day!