The sun sets on another day…

I have written many times about passion. I find it is an important part of our life. That need to feel so deeply it almost cannot be controlled. I circle back to passion a great deal simply because without passion we would not be the animals we are today. Without passion we would be finite, without passion there would be no music, no art, no literature. Without passion we would have faded to the mundane and not survived.

We are that species that lives in passion. That finds a way to survive. That overcomes in adversity. We are that species with more than a will to live, we also have a will to achieve and overcome.

Why care?

I know a lot of people. They feel passion deeply. Some are writers, some are artists, some are actors and actresses, but the all press their craft to the edge and more. Some are conservative and some liberal, but it is passion that drives them, and makes them the outstanding people that they are today. Where would we be without it? Why even imagine a world without passion.

If you know me, you may know I am intense. I seem to be driven by near limitless passion, limitless curiosity, and a consistent need to press further, harder, and more. In the process I find myself in a variety of mental spots as I “go down the rabbit hole” to know and understand. If I ask “why” it may not be that I don’t understand, it is that the standard answer is not really valid. If I don’t blindly believe it is because the answer does not make sense or is in itself invalid.

This passion has brought people closer, and pushed some further away. After all I do not slow down, or tire, or simply wear down, I find a way. Don’t you? Do you feel the passion inside? Do you yearn to feel and know more? About anything at all? Do you understand the depths of your feeling? Do you see the world not as linear but as a series of everything going on at once? Perhaps that too is passion, embrace it, feel it, and find that passion in your heart.

So as the sun sets on another day, I think I am passionate about passion. There is nothing wrong with that but I live each day in search for answers to questions that others may feel they already know. I will find my way, you should find yours, and feel the passion in you each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and passion is amazing…