Hopelessly Devoted…

The sun sets on another day…

As I drove home from a good day, I looked to the sun setting in the western sky, and was blind. Well, only for a moment. I thought of the day and all the lessons I listened to and hear today, and it was good. Colors spattered across the sky, and that was good too. This day I saw a lot, and beauty was all around me.

Rockford Dam Slow Exposure

Today was a day that I thought a great deal. I met a dog. It was a super dog, and it was a dog that was devoted. Dogs are devoted for all time. I believe in the amazing love between certain things in life. Let me say again, that love is amazing.

Today during a friends book signing I met a mother and daughter (That I thought were two sisters) that I saw that devotion in as well. A mother who encouraged her daughter to read and achieve, and a daughter who believed in her mother and her mothers accomplishments. It is this that truly builds hope. It is this type of devotion that is powerful and can change the world.

Do you encourage others? Are you devoted to their success? Do you support them no matter what? Can you find the good in people? Do you try to help people, or bring them down? It is important. We all have the ability to lift others up, or drain them of their very lives. I would choose lifting others up, and myself along the way. As for me, today I learned I have two more good friends that are terrific, and I will lift them up all I can.

Diana and Deborah

So as the sun sets on another day. Dogs are the example of eternal devotion. Dogs will lift you up always, but there are those people that will do so as well. Be someone who lifts the world with you, and find your way to happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep striving for the best…