Amazing, astounding, audacious, aweSam…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a mixed bag of nuts. There was sun and rain and sun and rain and then a little more rain. Even though it was not the perfect night, it was a nice night.

For purposes of this short writing, audacious is used in the vein of “showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks” which is a positive. (Aren’t words fun?) Also, I know I misspelled a word, geez, you don’t miss anything, it was on person and a play on the word “awesome”.

Sometimes people can affect your day. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not so good.

A person can give you angst. They can be so focused on themselves that they drain the life from you. Some can be so sure of their approach to a situation that you pull your brain out after hitting it on a wall a thousand times. Negative people can suck the life right out of you. There are negative people who are blatantly blah and those that suck the life out of you while thinking they are positive. There are also people who spout tomes of negativity for no other reason than to try to bring the world down to their level and hope everyone is as miserable as they are each day. Ick, why be around people at all, right?


There are also people out there that lift you up. There are people that are positive when the world seems negative. There are people who reach out and add a bright moment to your life, and others who sacrifice themselves to see others happy. There are your partners in life, and partners in crime that take that extra moment to lift you and take the time to know you and in the process know what you need. Then there are people like Sam.

This evening as we were going to an outdoor restaurant I heard a “whoop whoop” and turned and saw a smile. I laughed and we went on, got a table, and were waited on by none other than Sam(Who did another whoop whoop for us).

I only worked in food service for a short time, and as cliché as it may sound I was a short order cook in a small drugstore grill, sitting in the back flipping burgers and grilled cheese. I never have waited on people. I did work retail for quite some time and know the overwhelming craziness of having to juggle peoples attitudes, needs, and your own sanity. With food service I see the servers who look the other way, don’t engage, and ignore everyone but their tables and then have to wear a face that has some semblance of positivity even in the face of jerks, jerkettes, and crying people who have massive attitudes of self importance. (and crying kids as well) I think most people would have a meltdown if they dealt with half the stuff that a server has to, and I am sure it doesn’t help when someone leaves a two dollar tip on a fifty dollar meal.

Then there are people like Sam. Sam took the time to laugh, smile, and made a point to not just engage, but over engage with everyone. It was not just her coworkers, but customers and not just her customers. I watched people come and go to the kitchen with nary a word while Sam spoke to everyone. It is this type of passion that opens the heart and mind of people, it is this type of passion that gives hope to the world. Wait, that’s not all! After we talked to Sam for a moment, her hopes and dreams are far reaching, and she wants to see more of the world than most, and truly try to make a difference each and every day.

In a world where negativity can drain you, it is people like Sam that help you to recharge. Find them, reward them with your positive words, or maybe a good tip if they are waiting on you.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you open your heart and mind, and maybe your wallet if you are waited on a person like Sam. I hope you open your mind enough to see more than just that moment you are focused on, and maybe let go of the negativity and set your sites on something bigger. Maybe its time for all of us to take that extra second and regard people as people, and be the example of how people should act. Maybe, just maybe, the world would be a better place if we did. Take a moment, be positive, and make sure you leave a good tip, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and thanks for the memories…