Sunset was a wonderful and amazing series of colors, and I watched the wisps of light bounce across the sky like little elves and pixies until all the way left was darkness. Then once again clouds closed in for a new day.

I wrote about similar here and here.

I am different. Actually, we all are different, but I tend to be intimidating sometimes as I have to work at recognizing boundaries, and often push harder than many. Sometimes more than most. I have taken a series of different paths in my life, and though it gives me a wide variety of experience, it has also been a lot of time alone.

Last night I spent time with a few other writers, and again I find myself forging new paths. As an author it is sometimes hard to get traction, and I have done ok. Not amazing nor will I be a Stephen King or Patterson this week or next, but I do find my way, and I hope my readers are happy with my work, even though sometimes it seems to stall.

I began thinking later and then again all day about the projects I have going, and about how I often give a lot of leeway to people and less to myself, and I found that too was a path. (Yes, there is a point to all of this) I realized that I could be more successful if my paths focused, but also know that I do focus, just on more than some people.

Last week I went to Howard City Michigan and enjoyed the people there, tomorrow I will be in Bellaire Michigan but I will try a few different things. I intend to start approaching writing and talking to people a little differently. Along the way perhaps I will be working with good people to forge new paths, and maybe improve some more.

In my opinion paths make us complete, and the depth of our interactions create the depths of who we are in life. What do you think? Can we all find a way? Can we all forge new paths and new trails in life or are we destined to avoid those areas that are not comfortable or unknown? It is a question for everyone to ponder, but for me, I will keep trying and pushing each day. I hope to see you along the way.

So as the sun sets on another day, are you finding the path that is right for you? Have you forged a path you believe in? Can you define your world based on your path? I hope you can. Push forward and be that person willing to make a difference. Push forward and make every day an adventure. Make the world a little better as you do so, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and 5AM here we come…