Sunday Reviews: Billy Summers

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Billy Summers by Stephen King

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I have read most of what Stephen King has to offer. It is rare to find anything I haven’t but I still do and do not use a checklist. Billy Summers is new, and a new type of book out of all that I have read of Stephen Kings.

I was fascinated by the characters and walked into this without a thought about what it would be. I expected paranormal, but got a book similar to many others about people, and a person who lead a difficult life, and how he not only learned to cope, but learned to overcome life.

As with every King book I have read, Stephen King does an amazing job of developing his characters, from the most important to the smallest people involved in the story. If you are like me you find yourself wandering around in your mind considering that person at the convenience store or the flamboyant man at work that overachieves and wonder their histories, and how they react in a variety of situations.

This is a book about characters, and more, about growth. It did not go the way I thought it would and in doing so, I felt good. What started as a normal book about a person dealing with their past became a book about discovery, and a book about a young woman finding her life, and her future. With few exceptions Stephen King continues to give us escapes, and this was no different. As I said, I will not ruin it, but this book is worth every page. The only thing I walked away wondering is where his childhood friends ended up, but it really didn’t matter.