Sunday Reviews: Dog is Love

Sundays are for book reviews!Dog is Love by Clive D. L Wynne PhD ☆☆☆☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

I got this book on a whim because I love most dog books. Everything from Lassie to Herriot’s Dog Stories make me smile, and I find myself reading chapter after chapter and sometimes walking away with new insight.

The one thing most books about dogs have in common is dogs. Beyond that is a love of dogs and I enjoy people who are lost in the moment with their animals. In Dog is Love I was not disappointed with the book as a whole, but maybe a little with the approach.

The book is divided into several sections and I enjoyed the stories that were told, and the approach to telling them. Well, I enjoyed them to a point. In spite of his PhD I disagree with some of the chapters and moreover felt that Wynne did not prove his points effectively in some cases, instead he almost seemed to point out items and say “I have said this and you should believe me”. Still that is minor after reading the entire book (It is an easy read) and seeing the positive light Winne is trying to impress upon the reader.

I suggest reading the book in one sitting. The Chapter “Dogs Deserve Better” is a great read and finished up the book nicely. Take your time, learn what you can, but be open to other options as well. After all, opinion vary.