Why 29000 Sunsets

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was fantastic, filled with amazing colors reflecting off every surface. The night came quick as winter nights always do as though the cold stole away the light and life of the day.

I have found myself talking about 29000 sunsets often as of late. There are two topics that come up often:

I named the site 29000 sunsets as this is how many sun sets each man and woman should get. It is based on the average life of an American citizen, 79 and 3/4 years which translates roughly to 29000 sunsets. My idea was simple, if you knew your life was finite and you only got 29000 days to live and today was day 28999, what would you do differently today. There is no perfect answer, for each person that answer is unique, but the next question is why aren’t you doing it today.

I have seen so many people struggle in life waiting for the day they can do something special, but this hit me hardest on September 25th, 2003. On September 21st 2003 I received a short email from my father. I spoke to him a few days before on September 17th. The email was simple, he had been in Missouri and decided he would be licensing his motorcycle back up and we would be trailering them to Missouri and taking a bike trip together. I was excited. We had a difficult relationship for so long and had never done anything like this together. On the 25th I got a call from his number. It was his wife, she told me he had passed away. He worked super hard his entire life, lived a dream, built many businesses, did a lot, and then as he saw events fall into place, died. He had massive dreams, and those dreams would now be unrealized, but, and this is a big but, he lived an amazing life, touched many people, worked to do the right thing, and so much more. There is a tomorrow, but it may not be for everyone, how can we make sure we live our best life and never put anything off to the next day if possible.

The second question I get is if I have written books, why isn’t this a book? I will be at a show tomorrow selling (hopefully) a lot of my books. I have not written a 29000sunsets book, but perhaps one day I will. I did start one and started collating all these thoughts into a series of positive stories, but this was getting at least 250 words a day already, so other stories came first and there is a finite amount even I can do daily. With that in mind and with over 600,000 words in blog posts, I am good for now working on my other projects. It will be a book someday, one way or another.

So as the sun sets another day, why wait for love, life, fun, excitement, to travel, to plant a garden, to tell someone how special they are, and so much more. Why wait another moment to love yourself and realize you are the most special person to you in the world, that’s right, you. For without you there is nothing else. Be the best you that you can be, make every day count, and don’t stop at 29000 sunsets, take as many as you can and make them all special, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and keep living…