A skip and a jump…

The sun sets on another day…

I will warn you now this may pull at your heart, it will not be a normal post but instead may tug a little and in the process play with emotions. It may not.

Last night started good but ended up being long and taxing. There were a series of concentric events including me trying to act like an 18 year old and snowplowing the entire area until my muscles strained. In the center of it all was Buddy.

Buddy is our 17 year old Scottie. He has been around with my daughter for a long time and 4 years ago came to live here as there were challenges living with her. He had a 1 year stent with me years ago and in the process I worked with him to get a little training in. He learned to sit, sit up, and lie down and a few other short obedience tasks. When he came 4 years ago he was full of energy, but was losing his hearing and sight, and was, as Scotties sometimes are, a little obstinate and a lot full of himself.

During the last 4 years his hearing went further and further, but he still would jump when you clapped and try to find where it was coming from. He could almost see, and the vet said he had partial vision in one eye.

Buddy danced and ran like a psychopath around the property, growled a the deer, jumped around when he was excited, laid flat like a bear rug, looked for crumbs everywhere, and when you picked him up he was always wanting to make sure your face was clean. He tolerated and was liked by everyone who met him, dogs, people, cats, and anything else. Buddy was a chronic cuddle dog and he and I sat downstairs on my La-z-Boy watching tv while he slept on my chest or in the crook of my arm.

Buddy and Luna were fun playmates and Buddy often cleaned Luna’s face and was always trying to be close with her. Luna was good with him but always had to be slow. She seems to always want to run.

When we added Ninja the cat to the fray Buddy and Ninja began playing. Buddy was big game to Ninja, and Ninja was just another cat to Buddy but he was tolerant, and just pushed through her when Ninja started to be annoying. I think he enjoyed the two of them playing in the drapes, the could do so for hours.

Last year after my niece died Buddy starting having some issues and I carried him for a month when he could barely walk. I considered whether it was time but held on and he got better, enjoyed life, and had a good year.

This morning, in a series of hard tears, we let Buddy go. As I left the vet I could not hold it and thought of all the times I have been through this. My heart was heavy but full as I considered giving Buddy a good life, or even a better one. In the process I thought of all the animals I have had and who have gone on, and smiled at the good times we shared. Life is truly as Carlin said, a series of dogs.(At least it can be) I will remember buddy for his quirky craziness, his massive bark for a little dog, his enjoyment at sniffing for scraps, and his need to be close to people. Until we meet again.

Buddy the 17 year old dog will live in our hearts.

So as the sun sets on another day, animals can make our days for more complete. Take a moment and remember the good times you have had with them, and enjoy the moments you have each day remembering the good as I will, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and woof!