Live or live…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was snowy and full of powdery sparkles in the sky. For a moment the sun popped out and then was gone like a ghost in the night. Still as the sun set and I walked down the driveway with Luna I was amazed at the beauty that surrounded me.

I am sure some people are looking at the name of this post and changing the pronunciation assuming I was going for the two pronunciations of the same word. Instead. all I was doing was repeating same word and applying different meanings.

There is one version of live which focuses on the process of living. Inside that version as long as we still exist, we live.

There is a second version that focuses on how we spend our time and the things we do in our life. In that version if we are alive, it does not necessarily mean we live.

With those definitions in mind there are people who live but never truly live and people who are alive but not living. Scary thought.

As we grow older, and even as many of us are younger, we have to consider if we want to live or just be alive. Is life truly about existing or is there something more, something deeper that can draw us forward and allow us to be far more alive than ever?

I wrote a bunch more, but ew, it was far too depressing so let me just say. If you are going to be alive, why not live. Why not push the envelope to ensure that each day is memorable. Live, love, laugh is on one side and languish is on the other. Pick a side and make your choice well, for each day it will become easier to find new challenges, to climb every mountain, or to slowly fade away.

So as the sun sets on another day…
Today I live to be alive and life is super sweet.
I will challenge all I know and smile at all I meet.
When the day comes to settle down I will still push harder then.
For I am alive and I will live until it is time to end. No matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live…