The sun sets on another day…

Sparkly sun and clouds, oh my. The day was filled with contradictions as weather fronts collided and who knows where the day would have gone. In the end, it was a pretty day with a nice ending.

I was reminded about the code of life and the magnificent differences we have today. After all, life is, well, magnificent and life is filled with differences.

A long time ago I watched a rather campy movie called “Battle Beyond the Stars”. In that movie there were a lot of prophetic overplayed sayings and a lot of honorable statements that could be seen a variety of ways since it was basically a retelling of the seven Samurai and the Magnificent Seven. As I remember this movie (I have not watched it in a long time) I smile as I consider the differences in people. One hero had one creed, another was far darker. One believed in truth, one wanted glory, and one wanted to have a beautiful ending. All in all they were 7 very different characters combined to reach a central goal.

Today I was reminded, we all do not have the same goals, ideas, and we are definitely not a collective mind. We have never been. If you want to learn to play the saxophone, not everyone can see that as a goal, nor can your idea of success translate to all. In fact, if we look at people even the ones who profess the same goas are often going down that path for different reasons. One person wants to retire to be alone, while another does so to travel. One wants to be rich to help others, another to help themselves.

There is not right or wrong EXCEPT the idea that you are right and anyone else is wrong. The moment you start to decide how others should live, you are wrong. Dystopia be damned, this is likely the gateway to the end of all that is.

Funny huh?

So as the sun set son another day, fantastic discussions are fantastic, life is good, and make the best way that you can make your life, not anyone elses. In the progress, help a few people along. It will make your day.

Sleep sweet, love life, and super times…