Sundays are for book reviews: Week Ending 03-05-2022

A different type of week. I am reading several books concurrently but moving slowly while I binged on another group. Still, I had fun, and a few items stood out. I also am reading another encyclopedia of Mythology by Cotterell but it is not going as fast. IT is far more detailed than most and I find myself paying close attention to many of the maps and pictures. I should finish in a few days.

My books this week:

Batman Eternal, Volume 1 – Snyder, Scott – ****

Batman Eternal, Volume 2 – Snyder, Scott – *****

Batman Eternal, Volume 3 – Scott Snyder – *****

The Joker: Endgame – Snyder, Scott – *****

That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Zombies – Boley, Rob E. – ****

Superpower Dogs: Henry: Avalanche Rescue Dog – Peters, Stephanie True – *****

The last one was the hardest. I should have waited a little longer before reading a book about dogs, and more importantly exceptional dogs. In the end, it was a good Saturday read.