Yeah buddy…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was interesting. It was 68 degrees and sunny outside one moment, and in the short time I went through a carwash the temperature began to fall. Within minutes it was 53, then 50, the wind picked up, and the sunset was gone. Lost in a swirling maelstrom of mother natures design. I was in awe, but I knew the sun was still shining and enjoyed the moments in spite of the weather.

Today I saw passion, prowess, and pride in a single place. Tomorrow I will be having some fun in that same place with a group of people who work to see a better world.

My youngest daughter was talking about several items today and she has picked up a new acknowledgement phrase “Yeah Buddy”. I giggled and laughed when I heard her say it but it fit this day. As I walked through The U.S. Space and Rocket center I was transported back in time to when I had visited Space Camp years ago and enjoyed the camp with my oldest. Here it is still helping children and adults open their minds to more than the world around them.

The Saturn V rocket stood outside as a silent sentinel to beckon people forward while dozens of volunteers readied for an event to help out a location that suffered from the restrictions of Covid. The Rocket Center found a way to continue. In this place you can see how we found our way into space, and how we can learn more, every day.

Something new that appealed to me (One of the most massive nerds you will ever meet) was the U.S. Cyber Academy. This opens the minds of those that attend to the possibilities of more and builds responsible cyber citizens by teaching a little coding, building a system, looking at cryptography, and most importantly looking at cyber threats. We live in a world of technology now, and being safe is a journey, not a destination. If only more companies would realize that. This program sets the foundations for that awareness.

At any rate, this will be a fun visit and I will endeavor for success tomorrow. We will be take a stab at a higher ticket auction and it will be fun.

So as the sun sets on another day, the day was good “Yeah Buddy” the day was grand “Yeah Buddy” and the day was full of fantastic moments culminating in a weird weather shift (Not really a Yeah Buddy moment, but “Yeah Buddy”). Tomorrow will be fun and amazing no matter what, and if one person finds their way, it will all be worth it. Help out if you can at the Rocket Center Foundation.

Sleep sweet, love life, and yeah buddy…