Time shift…

The sun sets on another day…

I was enjoying my moments at sun set with a group from work, but was rewarded a short time later on the drive home as the colors assailed the road in front of me. I can only imagine the colors of earlier, but I was not disappointed in the moment.

I laughed a lot about time today. There was a shift for me this weekend driving from Central to Easter time on a day when we shifter the clocks due to daylight savings. To many the perception would have been they lost time, for me it could have been 2 hours lost as I crossed back into EST and found my way home. That thought can be daunting.

I did not see it that way. There are 86,400 seconds in every day. 24 hours, 1440 minutes and other ways it could be measured but the time is the same. It is just a series of ticks in how we measure. It only has meaning when we define it. As I drove I listened to a book and played with the speed so I could finish it earlier. My perspectives and understanding of the content did not change, just the sound of the book.

When I fell asleep later it was not at a time, but when I was tired. I defined how the time would be measured.

What’s the point? Easy. We are our own worst enemies in how we measure time. We can watch it wane into the distance or hold on to every moment as if it was our last. Each has a particular was of affecting us , and each leads to an outcome. Either we see our time shift away from us, or we see time as a way to measure our moments and count them all.

I know, this is weird. The reason I bring it up is for us to consider how we spend time. Realize that every moment measured is a moment that will not be recovered. As you do as yourself “How am I spending my time?” You work 8 hours, 33% of your time spent. You eat for another 2 hours, 8% of your time or less. Watch TV, 4%, 8%, more? Another 15%? Do chores and extra work? 10%? Sleep 8 hours, 33% again? Each thing we do pulls from that clock that will never return. What % do you give the things you enjoy? What % do you spend on the people you say you are focused on? Sure, we can eat and spend time with people, but is that fair? Layering is good with some things but does not work in others.

Take one moment. What is the most important thing to you? What % do you give that person, place, or thing? I think if you look at the whole it may be time to rethink existence. If you are perfect the way you are, great, but consider well the time you lose, it will add up and be hard to recover.

So as the sun sets on another day, we should not just exist, we should branch out and open our minds to the possibilities before us. We should see the world as infinitely finite, and realize that we are the only things defining ourselves and our time. Along the way, we really need to consider if the things we are focused on are worth it and if it was gone tomorrow, how would it affect us? Maybe not all all, maybe a lot. In the end only we will know. Make your choices, and remember it is your time, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and tick tock…