Sundays are for book reviews: Week Ending 03-21-2022

IT has been an interesting week and I have been reading mostly paperback books. This makes it more interesting to track as I don’t look at the app often if at all for Goodreads or the integration between amazon. That being said, I had fun this week and read while as a fair in between fun customers!

The following are my reads for the week ending 03/21/2022 starting with a book/non book.

Once Upon a Breath In a Magical Forest – by (I will leave this blank for now) – ***** – This is not really a book but should be considered an inspirational work as it achieves the same goal, the co author sees this as a children’s book but I watched people smile as they began to understand the simple yet effective way to find your center. It was interesting to see how people accepted such a simple concept with a massive number of permutations.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir – by Dick, R.A. – *****

The Gap – by Lunsford, Joanie – *****

SHORT FUSE – by Seth, Brent D. – *****

Tinderella Diary Volume 3: Hard Times – by Knight, Alexia – ****

Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope – by Manson, Mark – ****

Travel Light: Regular People Go on Adventures Too – by Holmes, Laura R. – ****

Painfully Broken Yet Beautifully Redeemed – by Rodgers, Angela – *****

I’ve Gotta Pack – by Holmes, Laura R. – ****

This week will be slower so I will get more night time reading done. It should be fun.