Sundays are for book reviews: Change of Heart – By Kristy Sidlar

If you keep up with me you will know that I have been grouping 4-10 books per week on my Goodreads challenge. I am going strong and will break 100 pretty soon now. I also will continue to read more this week and the next as I push to my goal of 300 books this year. I slow down a little with a few passions including AI, Neural Interfaces, and Neural Networks.

Change of Heart deserves special praise as it is incredibly touching and positive while setting a path for others to follow and setting a high bar for personal motivation. I challenge you to read a little about Kristy either from her book or here.

The book follows Kristy from an early year when she passes out while leading a fitness class. This sets in motion a journey of multiple cascading stories that culminate in a heart transplant. It consistently amazed me the positive avenues Kristy took while facing the difficult times of wearing and ICD and suffering from ARVC, a degenerative heart disease. Her passion and her drive sometimes worked against her but that same passion and drive pushed her to find a way each day to overcome her challenges and live out an amazing life.

From the early times in her 30s to very recently Kristy found a way to make her disability less impactful even though it hung over her constantly. I couldn’t help but cry several times as she faced difficult situations that pulled at your heart. Along the way she found her true love as well in someone that saw her as she was and helped her to achieve more.

This book is well written and achieves several goals. It entertains well and the accounts are written in a way we can all feel Kristy going through her challenges. She is truly a remarkable young lady and she ends the book not with a whimper but a bang as she explains several reflection exercises and her Wellness Widget: Her approach to help others going through almost any situation, even the most difficult.

This was a quick read for me, and should be for anyone who enjoys a good book. (Depends on your reading speed). I hope you take the time to read it and enjoy it as I did!