How deep…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a little better than a littler better than a better sunset that once happened. The picture will not do justice to the depth of color I saw. The eve was not as welcome as I drove into the sunset from a work function.

As I drive and think and do a lot of things I am often whistling, singing, or just lost in a song. Today was no different as I drove into the sunset. As I did I enjoyed the colors and the random thoughts from the Gibbs about how deep is my love and I laughed. After all, do you think deeply on the lyrics often?

In the song it notes “Cause we’re living in a world of fools breaking us down when they all should let us be” and I stuck on that circular verse for a few moments. Then I got lost in the Cure with a song about pictures, then I decided to move on. After all, that was enough for a moment. I thought then about a silly or semi silly lyric about dying for you and landed upon living for you. That’s where I stopped, smiled, and laughed a little.

The circular spot I got to was complicated but involved the definitions of love, and the thought that if you love so deeply you have to be willing to live and die and be there or not be there. All 4 of those options boil down to one thought or idea. Are you willing to give what is most important to you for someone else. Yes, this was a fun drive home in the twilight of the night, but it is always good to have good thoughts as you go.

The point: Well, if you watch “The Point” you might think there is no point but you also would know that everything has a point and in the process you would be right. My suggestion for the day is when it comes to love it should not be hidden, it should be lived. Easy, I also suggest that you love with all your heart, no matter what. That you love with all your passion, no matter what. That you say you love, no matter what. That you live love, no matter what.

All those words for an easy walk down the path of love. Oh yeah, and if you love and they don’t love, don’t give up your love, instead take the love with you and make your day a special day.

So as the sun sets on another day, my ridiculous ponderings may be, well, ridiculous today. Not because there is flaw, but because love is far deeper than a few paragraphs. I have a novella I started about 15 years ago called “Love’s Last Limit” that is about how far a father, mother, friend etc. can love and how malleable love is and is not. In it the dad is faced with overwhelming obstacles but keeps going because “I will hold on until I can no longer move, but that won’t happen because neither I or my love have limits”. I hope you can find that passion inside of you and understand the depths of love every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, don’t mind me, and enjoy the night…