Who will you be…

The sun sets on another day…

This eve is slowly falling and I am considering a million things about a lot of paths in my life. As the sun set I took a break for a moment, walked to the window and felt a tear fall from my eye. I watched the clouds devour the sun and shed its colors across the horizon.

Every morning we wake up and begin a day of decisions. The decisions are from the complicated to the sublime, and we wander among them considering how we will respond based on who we are and who we will be. Tonight I sat thinking about how many people slide their decisions into the grooves of a well played record (Sorry if you are too young to remember those vinyl things). In doing so they choose to be the same person each day. (That’s ok right?)

I have noticed that for me I am always growing and going through changes and wonder if you feel the same? Do you see the changes you face daily? Do you fall into those changes and make the necessary changes to you to work within a new world, or do you stay true to you and ignore the things around you?

Don’t get me wrong, either works but you have to decide what is right for you? Sometimes being you is great, but I feel strongly we have to grow, evolve and constantly evaluate our world and determine how we fit, or if we need to change, even a little. It is up to us to define ourselves daily. It is up to us to be the best we can be for ourselves and for those important to us. If we don’t want to adapt we may find those things we thought were important, really aren’t as important as we thought.

Confusing eh? You are you and you can be you but you have to be a better, similar, or worse you based on who you define you to be. I will make it simpler.

Here you are, waking up in the morning tomorrow. You have a choice. You can define you and your day, or you can let that day define you. You will face trials and tribulations and things will get bad from time to time but you can choose to change your view and be you in spite of it all or not. Consider well where you are. We all seem to know what needs to be done but we decide daily what we deem important, and others notice. Make your choice and be the you that you would like to be.

So as the sun sets on another day, I think I will choose as the Iron Giant did and be Superman. I will find my way each day to try to lift people up and not rip them down. I will believe in myself even if others do not believe in me, I will lift myself even when others do not listen or do not hear, if I am alone I will be happy being alone, and I will find a way, each and every day, to be the better version of me that I can, no matter what. I hope to see you there.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be you…