A view of even more…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset came and went without a whimper or a bang, the fantastic opening that could have been was attacked by the impending rain and careful sprinkles cascading across my garden. I smiled at the light and stayed on my knees planting one more until I had 10 small tomato plants ready for a new life. Only lightly damp I stood and surveyed my work as the color passed into the night and it was good. I was happy to have had my mosquito spray as my three overprotective dragonflies were somewhere lounging out of the rain.

I have to start by saying I am 2 books behind on my quest to read 300 if your look at Goodreads, but I am 10 ahead if you look at the stack on my desk. I am trying to catch up, I just have a lot to do and more coming. Usually I post a Sunday book review, but I will wait on that til next week.

Today was a fun day in Holland, MI. If you have not been there in their Tulip Festival you may well have missed out. The display of colors is amazing.

I found myself lost in the ambiance as we walked from color to color and watched budding influencers try to capture a picture of themselves with something unique. As I watched I wondered how necessary it was to make such beauty unique, when it should just be enjoyed.

Perhaps it would be better in the world if we sometimes tried to just enjoy a moment instead of making it into more. Perhaps it would be better if we let things happen instead of trying to make them happen. Perhaps it would be better to hold someone’s hand instead of leading and find a way together. Lead or follow can be fine, but being next to someone, that is a miracle.

Who knows, we might even find a better way if we just relax and enjoy the moments we are given and stop thinking about the moments that don’t exist yet.

I learned this a long time ago when I was in a relationship with a spectacular young lady. She was amazing but was slowly pulling away. I was so lost in when the next moment would be that I missed out on the moments I was sharing. IT was bittersweet and today I would be quite different. We learn you know, but sometimes the lessons are quite difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice to be born with a handbook of solutions. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a path that is better.

So as the sun sets on another day, this was a spectacular series of colors and moments. If you ever get a chance you should be there. Take a friend or someone special, enjoy the colors but mostly enjoy the people because people are a difference in the world, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be amazing.