The sun sets on another day…

It is a spectacular day, and an even more spectacular moment, and in every moment there is a doorway to far more.

This thought pushed through my head today as I sat in the truck for a moment. Imagine with me. Here you sit in a fantastically magical darkness. It is not scary or foreboding but instead clearly nothing. You are everything and all around you is nothing. A thought appears and there is a light. First it is small and only a glimmer in your eye, but then it widens, and moments later becomes enough that you see the doors before you. No, they are not as you may imagine, not wood nor steel nor even as any you know but just barriers to more. In our minds we smile and open the door and all the light what we are about to create assails us with fire, life, power, weakness, and anything else lost in the corners of our mind. Suddenly there is a world and it is a world of our design.

Thanks for the visit to your imagination with me. You saw as you interpreted the words, not as I wrote them. Consider what you saw for a moment, just a moment.

I looked a the statue in the picture for a long time. I pass it several days a week and I knew that I knew that I knew what it was, but I didn’t. (A play on words to be sure but follow me). The statue is a cast of Don Quixote De la Mancha and I actually confirmed it with a historian this week. I listened as the explained how the founder of a company saw that statue as his favorite, and I smiled listening and knowing for just a moment how he felt.

You see, at the core of the story of Don Quixote is the idea that there are things that are real to us worth fighting for; that the world we create is at least as important as the one we perceive; that there are some that will believe in us always and no matter what; and others who do not necessarily believe but are willing to be there. At the core of it all is this impassioned idea that the world is what we make it. It is not what is handed to us, what we accept, what we were forced to have but instead a world that we forge each day. It is a world we make, we allow, and we exist in daily. It is our world.

The man who bought this statue forged a world where others feared to tread. He has made an impact on millions of people and most have not heard of him or only in a building, an event or something he had sponsored. He had a dream and in the middle of that dream he created an amazing reality.

Now we are back to us. Here we sit with the door we create, the door we opened a few moments ago. What world will you make today? How will you forge your life from this day forward. What possibilities are there that will make a difference? How will you change the world while you build your world?

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and be who you are each day, and in doing so build that world for yourself you enjoy. That world will be yours each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find your windmill…