The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was wildly satisfying. A day that seemed never to end as the miles added up, and the roads behind followed slowly. The sun shimmered and glowed like a lost ring of fire and finally lost itself in the slowly forming western sky. It gave me much to think about.

Today I changed decades in my life. Another year, another decade. As I sat watching sunset I considered the good and bad as we occasionally should. There was so much to consider, and I found myself quietly watching the miles pass as night fell.

I spoke to someone a long time ago about how people align. I was feeling prophetic at the time and we talked for hours on how people found their way to whatever they had, or even better. We agreed it was often eye opening how sometimes people thought they aligned and didn’t, and how people who did not seem to align did. In the end there were no answers save one, we all grow and we can grow to align, or we can grow to misalign.

A real banner answer. Grow to align, or grow to misalign. Seems like something that should be the banner of a bad book, or worse movie. Imagine for a moment feeling so much for someone and growing towards them, only to find they grew another way, or growing apart and not realizing how far it had gone, or best, growing together and considering the power of a relationship where you are willing to set aside your bias to be with another. It is mind boggling. Many combinations, but no clear answers.

I often wonder if I could just consider for a few minutes and come up with more answers than questions, but for each answer I find, two questions appear in its place. It makes me wonder if the mythical hydra was truly a monster or simply a quest for truth on one question, whatever that question may be. I digress.

My simple answer is, well, simple. As you find people in your life, align the best you can and make the most of each day not because you are aligned but because it is the best day you can have today. Push yourself harder and harder until alignment comes, or you have to find more. That is a choice you know.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you are finding everything you desire right now and aligning not just with people, but with the planet, and maybe even more. Life is an amazing journey and I personally think it is a lot of fun. Take your moments to the nth degree and then more, and as you do, remember, people around you see the world much differently than you do. Listen a little more, love a little more, and laugh a little more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeper than any mountain, and be the change that makes the world…