Lilacs and Ferris wheels..

The sun sets on another day…

I was lost in the sunset for a few minutes as it set with the oncoming clouds creating a near perfect backdrop to passion, excitement, and far more. As the sun went down I smile at the day, and the people who made the day good.

Presunset Sun

I spent the day with the phenomenal Ingar Rudholm today in Barryton MI. As villages come Barryton is a place you could drive by and never know you missed it. You would be have missed a lot.

The people who attended Barryton and the Lilac Festival associated were excited, full of life, and curious about everything. It is interesting going to open air events as an author simply because people don’t expect it. They always ask the question, “Are you the author?” and when you answer it is sometimes a barrage of questions, and sometimes far more.

Yesterday I read poetry to at least 8 people. I explained my books many more times, I read short stories to a few people, and I explained how I see the inner workings of fear working. With that in mind I also just talked and enjoyed people greatly, along the way smiling a little as I saw them smile, and being a little sad when we discussed my sister and I’s non fiction book, “What not to say to People who are Grieving”. All in all it was a good day in book sales and several people noted they would be getting Kindle versions. That could be the end of the story, but it is not.

Main Row
Barryton Lilac Festival

Among all of the people walking around there were dozens I spoke to, laughed with, giggled with, had fun conversations with, watched, watched me, and made the day a fulfilling day. It is not always about all f the rest, but often about people and the depth of the people you know. With that in mind I will remember Barryton as an amazing group of individuals with powerful beliefs, and amazing resolve.

A quick note to JuliAnne and Jackie in the next booth, you guys rocked it as well! To all the other vendors, I hope you walked away feeling as good as I did. The people were worth it!

So as the sun sets on another day, remember the sunset is amazing, but the people you spend time with are the ones who will make your heart sing, always and forever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with passion beyond compare, and enjoy people all you can…