Like minds…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was cool, wet, and beautiful. Life is sometimes filled with fun moments, and I enjoy virtually every one. I hope you do as well.

I find myself in a conundrum. Perhaps you do as well. This will be a unique post for me. It has positives if you look for them.

If you look at Einstein and his theories you will note that when someone is traveling very fast they do not perceive things differently, except that the universe seems smaller (Simple explanation). It is true as well that knowledge expands our field of vision and opens new avenues, making the universe seem smaller.

I was told by someone recently that the things they say were only to share with “like minded” individuals. To explore the world of the mind we have to be open to new and exciting possibilities. So here I sit, considering all the closed minds that think they know and there are no other possibilities. (No, no one in particular in case you think you want to take this personally)

You might say, “Why bother?”. Well, in my opinion it is worth it if and only if you think the people you are talking to have a possibility of seeing past their bias. Perhaps I should be as I usually am, and watch people rant and rave in ways that will show their ignorance and make no difference. Perhaps I should fight and look like the fools I see fighting over silliness each day. Nope. (Exploding Kittens game reference, a good game)

I challenge those of you who read, who think, who try to learn more, not to seek out like minded individuals but to seek out those who challenge your ideas; who show you other ways; who see things you haven’t seen or have done things you haven’t done. My challenge to you is to grow and see beyond what is simple and open your mind to what is more complex. I challenge you to realize that though your point may be true to you that only you have your particular experiences, and you cannot easily make others invalid without doing something horrible.

Passion can drive men to learn. Intelligence can drive men to seek. Imagination drives progress, and finding new ways to imagine a better world can change the world if you let it.

So as the sun sets on another day I leave you will a slight chill. Like minds can easily be confused with parrots or mimics, repeating what they think they know and not thinking beyond their ken. The creation of like minds gave us some interesting leaders, so when you are seeking only people who agree with you and discounting all others remember September 1, 1939. Someone wanted everyone to be of like minds then, and bullied anyone who didn’t agree, I wonder now if it would have started with like, laugh, angry, and cry emojis. A stupid thought to even consider. Instead find your passion, believe in you, and keep growing by challenging yourself to learn and accept new ideas every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live for change…