The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was somewhere outside as music played in a big venue. I watched people play music heartily and the sounds were familiar and spectacular as the Doobie Brothers spun tunes from yesteryear and today. Still, I smiled as I knew the sun was setting, and laughed at the lightshow in my mind.

When I was a kid we played a fun game up in the swamps of Mecosta County Michigan. Each of us would go into the forest and find a stick, limb, small tree, or similar then run back to a central area where we would swing back and forth hitting each others ticks until one of them was decimated and destroyed. Older wood would sometimes be better if it was hardened and true, but as often it was filled with hidden cracks and would spray into a million pieces all over you. Newer wood was more pliable, but often it bent and swayed and you would end up bopped in the head as it bent. The fun part is there was always a chance, noting was immutable, and we walked away laughing and full of battle scars, worn out for the day. It was more fun riding horses and going somewhere or floating down the river in a tube, swimming and laughing.

Who cares, right? File this under dumb kids games 101. Or do we.

Right now online and in person I see people with ideas, picking random ones, and slapping them against other ideas until both shatter and spray debris on everyone. It is apparent that there is no clear winner in most ideologic fights but we look for old and new “sticks” to bash against each other and say things like “nu uh” or “so there” and go on. You know what? This too is dumb kids game 101.

Maybe it would be better if we listened and learned and realized that opinions are everywhere, and we just need to open our minds to see them. Maybe it would be better if we took the time to do more than bash ideas out there. (He says as he bashes an idea out there)

Take the time to see more each day. Have fun with life, and listen and learn a little. IT might make your day a little better than getting bashed by a tree.

So as the sun sets on another day, each day is a mesmerizing moment in time. Music can make it better. Remember that life is great if you let it be great, and enjoy your moments each day, no matter what. (And stop bashing sticks together, wow, it is amazing we all survived)

Sleep sweet, love life, and what a fool believes…