Anatomy of it all…

The sun sets on another day…

I watched the sunset with amazing clarity of mind as I digested good, bad, and indifferent of the weekend. There was good in the people I was with, indifferent in the people I was with, and bad with being pulled over on the way home. Everything is not always as it seems.

I had to pleasure of attending Once Upon a Book this year. The staff and creator were well versed and made the event far better than expected. I had previously attended expecting book sales from the event and always did ok. This time was similar, I covered costs plus a little and gave away a few things to people because, well, that is part of who I am. The flip side was this was the first time I went to the panel and trainings. My writing is a secondary pleasure and previously I held a relatively high position in a company and put that first almost always. My job has changed and I still do well, but I do not have to push the envelope as much. It allowed me this moment to see other views and opinions.

Many of the concepts and ideas were self evident. I listened to a discussion on internet trolls and thought of an old comedy sketch on the “Chicken Heart that ate New York City”, I laughed wondering who would listen and not engage the trolls, unplug, or better yet fans handle the trolls with their replies. It made me laugh. I was impressed with the approaches to audio books and the stories that many told. I listened with interest to the ideas on approaching ARC groups more effectively, and working with mailing lists and groups. I listened, I learned, and I laughed. I like to laugh.

If I had my copy of the Books of Earthsea, I would probably have hit myself in the head. I enjoy writing and have receiving a great amount of nice letters from people who enjoy my books, and many more who enjoy 29000sunsets (This site is very old if your didn’t know and has been restarted a few times). I turned off comments years ago to not have to deal with the spam and somewhere along the way set aside my push to learn in this area. It is true Jenny Zimmerman gave me a nice push in the right direction potentially without her knowing, but as I have grown it is a slow growth as I focus on many things, well, “multitude” is a better descriptor. There is a lot to consider in life, and I have fun with it all.

Years ago as I designed a computer system that was larger than most people had touched and at first I was intimidated. Then I broke down the anatomy of what I was doing and realized that it was still what I was expert in. All I needed to do was treat it as I always did: a system to be built, placed, and maintained. It was well within the realm of my expertise and the rest was fluff. I set the doubts and fluff aside then I defined my success points and exceeded them all. Now, as I break down the anatomy of what I have heard at OUAB (And many other places), I need to do similar. I will create a solution that will work for me and my writing styles. As before, I will decide how I define success. I do this each day, but now I will be using more fun information.

I know, I know, too long for my posts eh? Let’s get to the point. (Oh, and no, I did not get a ticket, the officer was super nice and conceded that I was likely not going as fast as it read behind him on a country road in the middle of nowhere in a line full of cars. Thought I was going to leave you hanging there huh?)

As you walk up against your challenges break them down. Figure out their anatomy. Then define your success points, set a timeline, create your way, and make it a reality. It doesn’t need to be there for anyone else but you, and you will do it in your time, your way, and find a path to success. I have told many people and I say it again now, break things down to their smallest parts and there will never be an issue. Many will say it another way, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. (Why would anyone eat an elephant?)

So as the sun sets on another day, a storm is coming, but with the storm comes power, and fun, and excitement. An electricity will be in the air, and perhaps with some of that limitless power I will have a great night, laugh a little, and write more than this. Break your challenges down, make them small, and then build a world with the pieces. I know you can do it, you know you can as well, so find your way, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep learning every day…