Simply spectacular…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was sublime and equally unique. The sky was dotted with fluffy white goodness, becoming a gigantic projection screen for unreal colors. As the sun waned, I added to the fire and watched the flames dance across my vision.

A few people will stand out from this weekend. It may surprise some that it was not the magnificent magnificent that achieved so much and imparted their wisdom to us all. Of course, they were super, but the others made a more significant impression.

The young girl who, when I asked about her life age, told me she was 22 and had no life to speak of. In another moment, she showed poise and vibrance far greater than many of her elders. The husband of an author who looked at his wife with such adoration that no one else existed but her. The woman who talked to me for a while and her mind opened with quiet power. The discussions were full of light and life, so many saw more than others around them. To quote X-Men

It was a series of simplicities and a mass of minimalistic moments that created a cache of chaotic cascading curiosities. The simple question: “How do we see the world?”

At this point, I will quote X-Men 160 and say I was “suitably impressed” and then laugh at myself for a moment. So many thoughts, so little time.

All the people I spoke to were amazing, of course, and the ones I didn’t talk to, well, they may have been unique, or they may not have been. It is hard to say. I suggest to everyone reading now that a husband or wife should look at their husband or wife with that look that all can see no one else exists; that the quiet woman (or man) who watches may see far more than the others who engage; and that the 22-year-old who says she has no life may have more of a life than most. We need to listen, learn, and pay attention to everyone around us, and as we do, perhaps we can learn a little about ourselves along the way.

So as the sun sets on another day, taking things at face value can be dangerous. Big surprise to some, I am sure. Once again, I found hidden beauty in many. I found so much by looking, listening, and being who I am, larger than life. Listen to others, see past what they say and see who they are, find the beauty inside, and show people how special they are to you all you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and thanks for being you…