Theory of tomorrow…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was, well, wet. I did enjoy the rumble of thunder as the storms passed overhead.

I was driving home from breakfast this morning and started singing to myself. The song ran will in me head and I belted it out better than any 10 singers. The problem was, the song did not exist and I was making it up as I went, melody and lyrics like they were nothing. It appeared I was in a jam session with myself.

I pulled into the driveway and up the long drive and sat in the car for a moment to write some of it down, and in the process realized that what I had been signing made a lot of sense. So the line I want to focus on is easy:

“In the theory of tomorrow stand the problems of today. As we’re blocked from side to side we still must find a way.”

I stared at the words, and considered it all for a while, then I laughed.

Tomorrow is always a theory. Tomorrow actually never arrives and instead we are constantly and consistently locked in a search for tomorrow. As each day passes and becomes today tomorrow is still a day away. I smiled again as I considered all the tomorrows that would never ever come as they were part of today. They are built upon or blocked by the power and ingenuity of today.

I read the rest of the words that I remembered in my song and felt the same. There is thought here, and a certain amount of consideration to the interesting excitement of thinking about making a difference in today to build a better tomorrow.

Do you consider that ever? Do you look at today and realize you are building a tomorrow with all you do today? Have you ever considered that tomorrow will never arrive and as we change to a new day we build out our tomorrows? I would like to think we would be better at building out our todays.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider well that today is our day, and tomorrow is not a promise ever. We can, using our will and our way, create a better tomorrow by using today as a guide, a launching board so to speak. Make today your best day ever and your tomorrows will always have a good foundation. Make today more, and each day your tomorrow vision will grow. Be that person that sees the world as more than just a simple task, but a series of fantastic accomplishments. Be that person, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love wildly, and find passion in every moment…