Just a little bit..

The sun sets on another day..

Sunset was clear, bright, and overly colorful. As I threw stones and stacked boards I paused for a moment and watch the colors of the sky.

For some reason I get song stuck in my head. I’m assuming that everybody gets a song or too stuck in their head and many people go through things like I do with multiple songs stuck in their head. What is sometimes worse is getting a song stuck in your head but not knowing all the words. With me this means filling in a bunch of words that may or may not make sense because they seem to fit with what’s going on. How stupid can I make myself sound?

As people we tend to do that as well. If we are not given enough information about a situation we play fill in the blank and stuff thoughts, imperatives, insecurities, and general fillers into a slot. Often it is as silly as the songs floating around in my head.

If someone says to you something that you don’t agree with but doesn’t fill in the details you may decide that they don’t agree with you because they think that you’re incompetent or worse. I strongly suggest we all find a way to stop this. The solution is listening, asking questions, and not coming up with our own fillers if we don’t have enough information. Sounds simple, I know it isn’t.

I know some spectacular people that self-sabotage simply because they fill in the blanks when they don’t know enough. Whether it is a job or a relationship get the whole story before you drive yourself crazy.

So as the sun sets on another day, we can all fill our empty information with positives as well. Take the higher Road and believe in yourself each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and I believe in you..