Spindles and spokes…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was amazing and I watched from the top of a hill and considered all the things that I rely on and all the people who make life easier.

If you think about a bicycle tire you know that little tiny pieces of metal hold up the tire and that tire with all of its little pieces of metal can hold up a monster like me. If you think about a railing and the little spindles that support it all you’ll see that something small can truly have a big impact.

I considered this for a little while this evening and also thought about how many things and people support us all on a daily basis. Retailers have known this for years. If you don’t cater to your customers and instead cater to yourself eventually you will have no business. Grocery stores do this to the nth degree and are constantly adapting to the changes in the market and the needs of the people.

What about little people? No I’m not talking about something from Darby O’Gill but instead us normal people that get by day by day? What supports us?

Consider for a moment all the things we rely on each day. From electricity to a simple pen or pencil down to even the air we breathe we don’t often notice those wonderful things that are a foundation in our daily lives. I’m not sure if it will make your day any better but I would like you to take a moment and just consider all the things that support you in this very instant. That includes the internet and several sites that you probably went through to get here.

Take a deep breath. It’s all good.

So as the sun sets on another day , I would like to think that if we start paying attention to the little things in our lives perhaps we would be thankful for all that we are truly have everyday. Perhaps I live in a dream world, but at least I know everyone here. Perhaps the world is a playground that we haven’t fully taken advantage of and made our own. Perhaps we just need to smile a little and laugh a little and not take it all so seriously. In the end it is our choice to have a good day or a bad day with or without all the little things that help us. Let’s make today the best day ever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and where is my bike…