Spires and inspired…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset dropped over the western sky while I drove in the middle of the world, or at least the middle of Michigan. The western sky was splattered with clouds making the light ebb and flow as the evening slowly crept in upon us. It was magnificent.

Welcome to Reed City, at least that was how I felt this morning. It was a fast drive that the GPS could not really find at first, but I used to be around here long ago and found my way.

Today I was at The Reed City Evergreen Festival. There are a lot of festivals and events each year to visit and talk to people about books, reading, and more. (Yes, I like talking, oh well). Usually, there are good and bad people at every event, but today there were no bad, and the event was filled with positive people and positive interactions.

Three people and a group stood out today that I wanted to think about, and so I did on the drive home through cellular blackout land:

I spoke to a woman who was engaged and positive. She and her mother were walking among the booths, and she was driven. She talked about doing Tough Mudders and how much she loved them, and for a moment, we talked of my daughter and how she outshined everyone in a tough mudder. She was genuinely proud of herself, and next to her, her mother beamed in delight. It was a good interaction, and I love seeing people passionate about doing more.

I spoke to a woman who was working on her book. She had worked on it for a long time but needed to be more confident presenting it. We discussed a great deal, but the essential item to consider with her was she had a story to tell but was cautious about telling it. She doubted herself, but as I listened, she had a foundation she could explore that people would enjoy.

Another author was at the event that I did not know (gasp, choke, oops). She writes children’s books, and I purchased one for my grandson. They were cute, witty, and imaginative. This author had a way about her and the young innocence that I find very rarely. A sparkle in her eye and a passion for her work made the discussions with her very good.

The group focused on this event was a wrestling team. The wrestlers, who helped and ensured everyone was doing well, were incredibly professional and polite. I have rarely encountered such a cheerful group of young people driven towards a singular goal that has control and poise at all times. I was impressed.

With that in mind and if you consider the above, I want you to know you are special. You may have a story to tell, a quilt to make, a cabinet to build, a car to repair, or any of a hundred other things that define you daily. It is time to believe in you. You define who you are each day, and if you can share your gifts, it does not matter if it is one or one hundred or one thousand you share with. It is a goal that you can touch at least one person, help at least one, inspire at least one, entertain just one, and so on. If it is more, so much the better (At this point, I pause for you to consider buying a bunch of books so that I can sell a few million, ahh, that would be nice). The point is if you have a gift, believe in yourself and share if you can. Believe in you, and the rest will follow.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was a good day. It was filled with fun, and in the end, it taught me more. Every day I try to learn. Every day I am overconfident and humble. (Weird, yeah) Today was no different, and thank you to all the people who shared my day. Believe in yourself, and make your day the best it can be every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe…