Forests and trees…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was full of sparkly shimmers as I methodically cut down trees in my forest and removed the dead wood one trunk at a time. It is a big job, but I stopped and enjoyed the light show, and smiled at the moments.

As I sat trimming down fallen trees I thought about the old saying “It is hard to see the forest for the trees”. I was working on one at a time so I could see the trees and the forest, but how many times do we get mired in either the big picture, and forget the single tree or vice versa.

It can be daunting when you consider all that is life, but think about it. When you consider any issue, are you taking into account the larger issue? How about the single person?

We see this a lot right now. People make up situations about good or bad (mostly bad) and in the process of trying to resolve it they forget about either the larger or smaller part of the problem. Imagine a world where a single person can be discarded easily, or a group of people. Imagine a world where the decision is made from the sake of one person or a few.

This can be tough. We can make a rule that applies to a single idea or person, but it may cause issue to dozens, or hundreds or more. By the same token, we can make a issue of a majority and wipe out the smaller for no other reason than it was smaller.

Consider well your thoughts and actions because they may affect a forest, or they may cause issue to a tree, but perhaps it would be better if we all let sleeping dogs lie, and find out a good path with a few more minutes.

So as the sun sets on another day, yes, this was a strange post, but the picture was good as I slowly weed out my forest of dead trees. Remember, removing dead trees can promote growth. Be the person that makes a difference in life, and pay attention to both the forest and the trees. In the end, enjoy them both, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and use an axe…