Good memories..

The Sun sets on another day

There was a moment when Sunset looked spectacular and I tried to snap a few pictures and we’ll see what they look like. In the end as the darkness fell across the land it was still a wonderful day.

I remember a lot. I remember when I was four years old, and my family would get together, and my aunt would come and play with me as though I were a child. Wait for a second I was a child. It’s funny how perspectives play games with your memories. In my mind, I know I was only four years old, but at the time, I felt like I understood the world. I enjoyed the fact that people were there and even more the interactions I experienced.

There is a lot of fun in the world if you take the time to find it. Whether you are young or old doesn’t matter, and instead, it is how you store those memories in your mind. For me, my younger years will always be a lot of fun, and even though I thought I was mature, I looked at the world through innocent eyes and saw people as always good.

As for my aunt I will always remember her fantastic voice and the fun times we had together playing in a small trailer. It was all a matter of perspective and my perspective was good.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your moments well and make them seriously good. Remember that no matter where you go, there you are, and believe in yourself along the way. After all you are pretty awesome, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your night..