The sun sets on another day…

As I watched the sunset there was a light mist in you and instead of the blinding sunlight that I would normally see a golden globe drifted silently across the western sky. It only took a few moments for it to pass beyond the horizon but as it fell and I watched through a forest full of trees I was in trenched in the beauty before me. It’s too bad I was driving couldn’t get a picture.

There are times in the world where I just like to think. I feel like Pooh Bear with my hand against my forehead stating think think in sequence as I Ponder strange things about the universe. Today I was thinking about words and the synonyms for good and bad and all of the things in between.

As someone who likes to write I try not to overuse the same words but I know that often I get stuck in a rut or I repeat words because it’s sometimes difficult to come up with synonyms. As an example how many words can you think of that mean the same as magnificent or terrific? There are a few of course but as you go through them you often find yourself repeating them. If I say that you’re amazing I mean it but amazing is also a word that is overused quite consistently. So where do we come up with new words? Do we make them up in order to create synonyms that we can use effectively or do we just continue to push through and in the process cycle through the known words for the meanings that seem to repeat?

There is of course another possibility. We could just use the same word. Instead of a terrific, magnificent, amazing day it could be just an amazing day. Instead of rotating through the words we could just stick with the ones that reflect our mindset.

There is a very good writer named Clive Cussler that I enjoy. I will say however that he reuses the same words quite a bit and sometimes a little more. This doesn’t make him any less of a storyteller but some people find license to criticize him. By the same token in my first book, Vengeful Son, I found myself using the word massive far too much someone pointed it out to me and I counted them and there weren’t more than 20 but it was enough that they noticed. My fault.

All of this reminded me of an old movie starring Judd Nelson. In the movie The main character calls for a sidebar to discuss the merits of using the word a******. The case was quickly made that there isn’t another word that adequately describes what that word elicits. So we again have to ask ourselves how do I want to approach my descriptors?

For me I think I will do similar to someone who is dear to me and just use the things I like over and over because they make me laugh

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you had a terrific day. I hope it was magnificent and quite awesome. Mostly I hope you found the positives in every moment and cherished them as they deserve to be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be awesome…