The depth of a heart…

The sun sets on another day…

I find myself a little lost today. There is little I can do about it, and it will pass. There are things many people will not understand, and today is one of them.

Luna in her first few weeks (2010)

In July of 2010 we added a new member to our family. A short time before we had lost Magic, a Black German Shepherd and I was not going to get another animal. It was 6 months later that I found a white German Shepherd in Amelia Ohio that called to me. I loaded my family in the van and we were off to find Luna.

Luna on a trip with me and my son

We didn’t know she was Luna at the time. We sat in a bundle of excited White German Shepherd puppies while the mother and father of the litter watched us carefully until suddenly this little girl showed the spark I was so interested in. There were two, and she ended up being the one that would make a difference in our lives. He insatiable curiosity drew me to her, and she had that curiosity every day.

Sleepy Puppy in the Van on a trip

I spent a lot of time with her. I wanted her to be a super animal and to be happy. I knew that any animal is a massive responsibility. Large dogs are basically fur covered razorblades, and not training them to be responsive is nearly a crime. I had 25 stiches on my nose once to prove it.

I see you!

Luna was a sponge. She spent all of her time paying attention. She could easily sit, stay, heel, crawl, roll over, up, down, jump and more, but she also loved playing hide and seek, and find it, and was a keen watchdog. I taught her not to bark and she was usually silent. She would growl, but she did not bark at strangers. She loved to play ball, and frisbee. She used to love playing with sticks and would often bring back sticks much bigger than she was until she walked between 2 posts and was stopped dead. She still liked sticks, but preferred actual toys.

Sticks can be fun too!

Speaking of toys those rarely changed. She was patient and easy with her toys and though she usually had a toy with her, she did not tear them up, she just held them and walked around the house as though she owned it. She did. A new toy occasioanlly was a treat, but she loved just being with us.

Kylie in Luna’s crate with her

Luna was patient with children and usually tolerant of other animals. At one time in the dog park she had a dog jump on top of her. She did not hurt that dog but it rapidly backed off when she showed her teeth and knocked the dog down. She then walked away and went back to playing.

Luna at the dog park
Luna and her hat (She was not a fan)

She loved the kids and loved Dana. She would often just check on them and and when the boys were in the house would be close to them. Everyone played with Luna and her frisbee runs were legend. She loved playing frisbee in the lake and was a strong swimmer. She would take off into the lake without pause and sometimes dive over huge waves to get where she wanted to go. She loved to play non matter the weather.

Luna listening to Dana
We would play and she would not stop!

In the woods she was sure footed, and I could whisper to her and she would be silent as we watched deer or other animals. With another whisper she would bolt after the animal and enjoy her run. If it was really quiet out she knew a series of hand signals and I could do basic behaviors with a gesture and she always complied.

Snow was never a problem

A funny thing, Luna loved playing with frogs and toads. She did not hurt them she just nose bumped them and when the jumped she would pounce to the side with obvious enjoyment!

Yes, I can make faces too!
Even Rocks were good toys

When we traveled others watched her and she was always good. At the groomer she was always a model for others. When I was in public with a leash she watched everyone around us. Obviously interested in everything.

Luna with Michelle – Her puppy sitter

Just a few weeks ago we lost buddy, my daughters Scotty who was 17 years old. After he died Luna slowed, and started coughing, then stopped running. This morning on 2-22-22 Luna passed away at 11.5 years old. She leaves behind a legacy of love and people who cared about a dog, who loved being a puppy.

I will be heartbroken indefinitely. Luna joins my other dogs, Magic, Shiva, Shadow, King, Max, Muffin, Satin, and Candy. She will also be remembered with Phoebe, Dory, Taz, Tinker, Mimi, Aquilon, Stumpy, Furrball and a host of other animals from years past. Each brought great joy to my life, but Luna was, well, special.

Snowwhite Princess Luna of Ameila

Over 53 behaviors and a genuine desire to please made her not only a good girl, but an amazing pet, companion, and furry friend. If animals do not have souls than we do not either, for they love us more deeply than many love themselves.

Christmas Photo

So as the sun sets on another day, thank you for being you, and I hope you find an animal in your life like Luna. As she walks down this path on her own I will not forget all she was. She was amazing and will be remembered always and forever, no matter what.

Ooops, a tree fell… This is a new path now!

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and enjoy the day…


The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was snowy, and full of, well, snow. The night came quickly and more snow came with it.

Today is the anniversary of my nieces death. A lot has changed in a year. Over this time we have all learned to grow as we could, and we are moving forward in our thoughts, and in how we all approach the world. Some notable items:

The Haley Sue Foundation was formed. It is a group that may find a calling in many areas but mostly wants to do justice to a young woman who lived every day to its fullest.

My sister and I wrote a book, “What NOT to Say to People Who are Grieving”. In spite of the name it is a positive books focused on how to approach people who face loss. It was a labor of love and for countless hours we revised and revised again.

We had a great giving day, and you can see it here.

We kept going.

Maybe that’s all we can do sometimes, if find the strength to never give up, and to be there no matter what. Someone wise once said they would be there no matter what, and I know now they did not understand what that meant. It is a commitment to more than an idea, and instead a commitment to make every day and amazing journey that you face with a positive attitude, no matter what.

I miss you Haley, but you would know that.

So as the sun sets on another day, we all face days like this, and I took these few writing moments to honor a year ago when we lost someone special. Every day is an adventure, make sure you keep yours positive, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love a little more…

Shifting Time

The sun sets on another day…

Just plain wow. Lots of cloudy days really make you appreciate the sun! Isn’t it awesome! As the sun set, clouds rolled in again, but it was a fun time!

I wanted to share something else that is a little older. I found several handwritten stories, poems, and starts of books. I never finished a book until 2015 and instead had long tomes of different sizes with beginnings, endings, ands a lot in between. Sometimes I wrote about people, a lot I wrote of passion, and sometimes about events. It is funny, I found a concert program where I had annotated how everyone played, and how each piece was compared to the original composer. I am slowly discarding these and either digitizing them (As I did yesterday) or setting them aside.

I thought I would share the following as I still have this watch and still remember how I felt when I bought it, and the feelings inside in that part of my life.

Shifting Time

(Collated and revised slightly from handwritten notes, Fall 1979 (I think))
I made a change today. I have been working hard and trying to help at home. Things have been incredibly difficult as we have gone through change after change, and in the process, I have had little to call truly mine. For the most part it is me, my camera, and my car and a few trinkets I have saved from years before.

Each day I have walked by a jewelry store where I work, and each day I have been struck by two things. The first is a young lady who is always perfect. Not the kind of perfect you see in magazines but a kind of perfect that you imagine. The second is a Seiko watch that seems to call to me, and my internal wants, not needs.

Perfection in a person is a difficult series of thoughts. Since we have moved here, I have had no real girlfriends, and a few girl friends. I find I make friends easier and am the easy one to talk to, and the rules in this state are much different than Indiana or Michigan. I find myself considering the loneliness I feel daily as a quiet punishment for all I have been through, but overcome that daily, knowing there will be more. The few people in High School I am interested in are coupled up, or far beyond my reach in one way or another. (Note: Can you believe I thought this way once?) The woman at the jewelry store (I left the name out of this store but could tell you if you were interested, it is no longer in existence) is unlike anyone. Hey eyes sparkle when I walk by and she is always in heels, crisp slacks, and a blouse, shirt, or garments that speak to class, if not royalty. When I have interest in someone, this is a template I should use. To top it off she will speak to me and is not the arrogant overlord so many seem to be (Ouch to the world eh) and instead is patient and kind. Her smile is infectious and I often wonder if her life is as awesome as she seems to be.

I am unsure why time means so much to me. Perhaps years from now I will know. (I am not sure I do yet, so there) The watch is one I saw on TV and has so many new features. I started writing two books when I saw it on TV, and later the woman showed it to me. IT was expensive. I didn’t think I could have anything that nice. (Authors Note: at the time much of my paycheck was supporting my family and I worked full time in high school). I started writing a book that no one will read about this watch before I saw it in person, and now it just calls to me.

Well today, I went to this perfect person, and I bought this perfect watch. I had been saving a little at a time and skipping the hotdogs and arcade games so I could do it. No more pizza subs for a while. Instead I have waited and gotten something that will last forever, or at least a long while. The transaction was perfect, and it felt good to have something that was mine. Now it is me, my car, my camera, and time. I hope I can do well, and someday be mindful of this and my time. Maybe I can’t have the perfect girl, but at least now I have the perfect watch and with it, time to find that girl.

(Authors other note: it is funny when I think about this story from a variety of levels. Given I had very little I still remember how important this was to me. before moving to Lexington two things were stolen in a robbery from my house. A tape recorder that my father got me, a nice Magnavox and my coin collection. My stepfather collected the insurance money, and I got another tape recorder that was similar but given I never saw my father this particular item was very important to me and the new one always felt hollow. My coin collection was never replaced and some of the coins were irreplaceable as they were silver commemorative ingots and uncirculated bills. When we moved to Lexington my stepfather was in a hurry and most of my belongings were discarded. As I arrived, I had what I had with me and the clothing they packed for me and very little else. As I read this months ago and looked at the faded writing, I was both elated and sad. I remember the young woman and she is only a few years older than me, but I always considered her spectacular and out of my league. I also still have the watch and the picture that you see is a picture of that watch right now. I even replaced the battery this week. 42 years or so later, it still works. I also have a Seiko Pyramid clock that talks on my desk I bought from her later, and it too was and is a prized possession. Funny how sometimes things call to you and maybe the call was to time, and not the things. 

The watch went on to introduce me to a superstar, or an eventual superstar, when a woman picked the watch up from where I was working and upon confronting her denied she had taken it. I had an overactive sense of justice and took her to court for theft and her boyfriend came to the store and threatened me in person. Her boyfriend was on the local wrestling circuit and later would become famous, both in wrestling and on television and in movies. He is dead now, but I will not sully his name except to say that it was really awesome being threatened by somebody like him and I do still tell the story to people who are close to me. The watch has been great over the years and a reminder that time is still a mystery. And the woman, I hope she found the happiness she deserved because to me she was that person that everyone should strive to be.)

Fun huh? Isn’t it interesting where life takes us, and time becomes more important each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you find those things that were important to you, and realize it may have been something else all along. As you do, find a path to excitement and success each day, no matter what. Me, I will keep trying, and enjoying the time I can enjoy.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and don’t let time run out…


The sun sets on another day…

Today was brisk, no, cool, no crisp, well, no it was dern cold, but the sun had a few ins and outs as the day went on and a little color in the eve. IT was a good day!

I am in the process of eliminating a significant amount of “stuff”. Some of the stuff is easy to eliminate, and some is not. The manuals for a TV I bought in 1983 don’t have a lot of use, but the cards from my kids when they were 5 are hard to part with. So it goes as I parse through the past.

One of the things I found was a notebook where my friend Kevin and I goofed off in class. We had a comic strip called Karate Conquers All and I would come up with bad guys and Kevin would creatively eliminate them. It is obvious who the artist was, and it was not me.

Without further adieu, I give you issue 5 of Karate Conquers All!

Page 1
Page 2

IT is this type of crazy fun that helped stabilize a strange world.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the moments in your life, and remember, all of them made you who you are today. Keep living every day and making more. We can always have more fun, live more life, and enjoy our moments, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and haiyaaaaa!!!!!