Symbiotic dreams…

Photo by R. Wallace

First, thanks to Ramona for this awesome picture of Iceland!

The sun sets on another day…

I considered the symbiosis from so many areas but can see no real reason the sun needs us, we need it often though. There are other portions of us, that are symbiotic, like the cycle of life, our return to the nitrogen pool, our changing oxygen to carbon dioxide so plans can change it back and the list goes on. Many things are so symbiotic that they defy existence, and in the end, we are part of a cycle, Elton John called it a “Circle of Life.” (You can laugh here)

Anyway, a good relationship is equally symbiotic. Each person has needs, whether it be a friend or more, there is a give and take that makes each part of the symbiosis a win. I suggest you find what that symbiosis is, and work on it. Whether it is time, or another series of fun and exciting items, if you truly care, find a way to be the best you can be for yourself, and for those who are special to you.

So as the sun set son another day, we are not alone. (Seems like X-Files here) We are instead part of an ever expanding group of people, hopefully moving in a single direction. Work to be a part of something if you can, and find happiness every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy every moment you can.



The sun sets on another day…

As the sun sets it is always awe inspiring the colors it shows us, but what is more amazing is the gifts of heat, light, and life it gives us daily.

I was in a particularly good listening mood this morning and listened to a wonderful person telling me about mini resolutions. The article can be found here, but as I listened I noted the theme should be more the giving of permission. People sometimes don’t achieve as much as they can each day as they overlook there ability. They sometimes don’t think they should do something, or bury it in cute statements about “not liking” something or “it’s not me” and so forth. So today, on the second day of the new year, I am going to go out on a limb and say you have permission. Permission to what? How about to:

  • See a movie you are not sure of
  • Try a new food you have never tried
  • Drive somewhere, could be anywhere, or walk, or just get out
  • Set down your phone for a day
  • Sleep well, and find a way to enjoy it
  • Find your passion, and enjoy it
  • Learn a new joke, laugh, then tell it to 2 more people
  • Watch a sunset and enjoy the light show
  • Think about someone special, then call them
  • Find more things to do daily

So as the sun sets on another day remember, every moment in life can be an adventure, every day a journey, and every slice of time the best yet. Make your life a journey of happiness, and the world will be a better place. (At least to you)

Sleep sweet, smile brightly, and come up with more mini resolutions, and let me know…


Hold on for one more…

The sun sets on another day…

The first day of a new year and the sun is shining, the day is bright and beautiful and full of hope. It is all about that isn’t it? Having a super day, finding your way, and enjoying the moments in life. We strive so often for goals that are unrealistic and perhaps unattainable, and in the process forget that we should be focusing on the positives in life, the moments we are given, and the people who are important to us.

There are a umber of small victories we can achieve each day, starting of course with being positive, being alive, and being that person we really should be.

So as the sun sets on this fantastic new year, let’s focus on finding a way to be happy each and ever day, not with who we could be, but with who we are, and in the process become the best we can be, no matter what…

Sleep sweet, to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…

50 shades of 2016

The sun sets on another day, then as it does it sets on another year…

A year has passed. 365 days and 365 posts, not a day missed, not a picture left unposted. Someways the picture was from today, while some it was one of thousands in a library, always it was considered, then posted as a thought. Each story was written to inspire hope, sometimes there was success, sometimes less. Always I had a reason for posting, a lesson in mind, a message. For 365 days I have wondered about life, time, and making the best of every day, as tomorrow may never be, because it is tomorrow. (lol)

 As per my previous posts, there are some days I do not like where the writing goes. Sometimes after a sentence I end it, sometimes I complete the post and go “yuck” but then set start over and write again. Below are the posts from 2016, and at the end a few special bonuses:

On a particular day when things were not going well, I wrote the attached post, it was meant to start a series of items about peace, but I could not embrace peace that night, so I moved on.


As we neared Christmas last year I was considering how we should forgive in life, unfortunately, I got lost for a moment in the essence of Vengeance. It is something I am quite familiar with so as I reread the post, I simply set it aside and took a higher road.


Ever wonder about when 29000sunsets reset? I started the post here, and decided that it was not necessary and moved on to something a bit more upbeat and positive.

Some things to know…

Once upon a time I got a little to political, as I reread I set the next post aside simply because it can be misinterpreted, and maybe be too inflammatory.

Elements of truth…

I think that passion should always be at the core of our being. I have met only a few people who were as passionate as I am, and as I wrote this short post, I found myself lost in a moment, and it was not super comfortable. As such, I set it aside and never closed the loop on it simply because to do so would be way to open ended.

Passion explained…

Although this post was positive, it did not inspire me after writing it, so I did not expand or make it more effective, instead it became one of the lost posts of 2016.

Finding solace

Although a  little flippant the next post deals too much with darkness, and I set it aside for something less centered in the dark.

The edge of light….

As I sat in silence one night I began on the next post, and in the process got lost in the silence, then the darkness of the topic, I set it aside quickly and focused more on how we approach life in a positive manner.

The sound of silence…

In engaging the moments I was focused on personification and the post is not terrible, but it did not feel right. 

Engaging the moments…

As I was considering Wave after Wave, I stopped for a moment and was reminded of a super team that was affected by a difficult situation. Although the team survived, it was not as pleasant as I considered, so I shelved the post.

Wave after wave…

Spelling aside, I was rocked by trust issues one night and started a long post on trust, it started more negative than it should, so I dropped trust and started over.

Trusting the moments…

 As I wrote the next post I was considering a lot of people who I had trusted that turned out to be not very nice people. I considered a lot of things in the process and ended up deciding it was easier to set the post aside.

The spirit rises..

In puffing along, I simply lost the flow I needed to make it a world class post. In the process, I considered moving forward, but it was more effective to shelve it.

Puffing along…

Crazy considered Einstein and how people thought he was crazy as they could not understand him. As I wrote I realized the post was far to complex, and needed to be rewritten, so I went a different way.


On one cold night I was considering how people lie, and the essence of truth and lie, belief and the edge of reason. I wrote the post considering a piece of string, and then realized it was not very bright and instead quite dark, so I set it aside.

A piece of string…

Believe it or not, the next post was just too mushy. Hard to believe.

Hot times, cool weather…

As I considered a few older memories of people who have threatened me I started to write an angry post. Fortunately I got control of my anger, and set it aside even though I wanted to write a treatise on knowing who holds cards before trying to play a hand. 

Power and Powerful

Similar to the previous, the next post started positively, but ended up being potentially pretty negative, so I started over. Quiet and powerful sometimes go together, as do laud and powerful, oh well.

Silent answer…

After talking to someone with little self esteem, I started this post, but then realizes it was not a path I wanted to walk, so I stepped aside.

Believe in you…

 The posting of this long post, massive if you count all the side tracks, is that writing every day for a year, now well over a year, sometimes you run into things you just should let lie. Sometimes passion is the best thing in the world but passion can drive things like hate, and of course vengeance. In the year I think I did well as only a small number of posts were set aside, but it still is a challenge to move forward and be as positive as possible, no matter what.

I hope everyone had a good year, and hope they live, love, and make each day their own as we move into 2017 and beyond. 

Sleep sweet, wake happy, and make the world a better place…


A year ends…366 days long….

The sun sets on another day…

One year ends and a new one begins. For the past year we have gone through  journey of light and words. A lot has happened, some happy, a lot sad, but in the process we have all grown and seen a new side. For the year I have made sure 366 posts have happened, all of them with a picture, some good, some OK, some very good. (At least that’s what I am told)

This year I may open comments, and try advertising but the core of 29000sunsets is at is was so long ago when I created it, to celebrate this wonderful life we have and show a little appreciation, even in the bad times.

So as the sun sets on another day, learn to appreciate even the low moments in your life. Realize you are responsible for you, and no other but in the process let your vision inspire others. Take pictures, create music, and love life like it is meant to be loved: without end, and with great passion.

In the end, if we only had 29000sunsets, how did you spend yours, make your story a special one.

By the way, if you read, check out my book here.

Listen to a friends song here.

Or another one here.

The guy in the picture today has to be a little cold, the wind high and the ice even higher!

Finally check out the end of year posts that didn’t make it here.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the eve, and wake up tomorrow with eyes for 2017!!



Practically magical..


The sun sets on another day…

As the sun set colors cascaded across the clouds and were quenched by the grey that surrounds them. Although brief, the sun shone so brightly for a moment it was practically magical.

In life we are often given a similar opportunity. We are given the chance to be magical and amazing, and to show others how wonderful life can be. We can do so by simple acts of kindness, helping others, or just leading by example when possible to show someone a happy way. We can all shine so well and so easily, we just have to try. When we are helping others it is then that we become practically magical as well, and truly make a difference.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and shine, and in the process show the world what you have to offer, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make it yours everyday…

Spinning wheels….

Photo by Sandra Valle-Sloane

The sun sets on another day…

As the snow rolls in there is not much of a sunset. If you have a good one please send it in! You can send all sunsets to

Anyway, I was considering the song today, “Spinning Wheels” (Yes, it is an old song). In the song we learn that what goes up, must come down, and that spinning wheels have got to go round. I know this seems basic, but sometimes we forget the essence of what happens in life. The sun rises, the sun sets, the day may be good, but the next not so good. A happy person will sometimes be sad, and so forth. The trick is to realize that as you go down, you will come up as well and in the process understand the nature of things.

I posted an article about millennials and how they are not adapting s well as possible and at the core of the article is that they do not seem to understand the nature of things. You cannot be perfect all of the time, be the best every moment, but you can try. Thats the best thing to do, try and in the process open doors and succed, because without trying, there can neve rbe success.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the order of things and how they really are, and in the process, consider that you can try, and in doing so, perhaps succeed at almost anything. (Just don’t jump out of a plane without a parachute)

Sleep sweet, smile brightly and enjoy the night…

High flight…


The sun sets on another day…

As I watched the sunset tonight, unable to take a picture as well as I liked, I was lost in the awe of the moment as it had been defined, in that moment I thought of the poem High Flight and a poem I wrote oh so many years ago.

As the wind buffeted I consider that I wandered lonely as a cloud above, watching the moments pass, feeling the wind, and feeling each breath that passed between, Somewhere in the depth of it all, I found peace in the moment, and silence in the chaos. 

At any rate, it was a great day, and each of us should have one!

So as the sun sets on another day, find your moment, and find the feelings inside, feel them , live them, then let them lead you to more good moments so you too can soar “where never lark or even eagle flew”

Sleep sweet, live for this moment and beyond, and love life every day…

Four more…

The sun sets on another day…

Four more days remain in the year. This has been a year of many changes, many good times, some bad, but mostly it has been a series of wonderful sunsets. Four more days until we are given a new year, with new promises, and new hope, and four more days until I will unload the 2016 dark posts. 

I was looking through them and the posts were not so dark as I thought, and some insightful, but they are not what I would normally put up, even though they are as much a truth or opinion as any other post.

So as the sun sets on another day, I will sit and continue writing this big post referencing a lot of little posts, and be ready for the new year, clean and fresh, and full of hope for a better day, and an amazing sunset as you should be as well.

Sleep sweet, love life, and count to 4…

A choice…

The sun sets on another day…

No, today’s picture is not a sunset, but instead my giant bunny, err, dog! Anyway, I digress.

I watched the movie “Passengers” this weekend. It was a very good journey into the depths of a relationship. Well, a little like that.

There will be several reviews of this movie. One will always be of a fun and inspiring science fiction journey into the realm of just plain fun. On another level there is a simple romance that a man and woman share as they begin to know each other completely. On a third level is the question of the essence of love. What is the essence of love, how can we see beyond ourselves and find a person that is so willing to do anything for us, that we positively will do anything for them. There is of course a story of life, and death, and how we face those challenges that we know may end who we are forever. In the end, the movie blends many of these into a solid cohesive story that will make you smile, laugh, cry, and feel good inside.

We too are faced with limitless stories each day on how we should approach life, and have no fewer choices to deal with just to move on to tomorrow. My suggestion is to trust and reach out, and let an adventure happen, then make the world a place for your dream to come true and in the process show others a way to happiness as well.

So as the sun sets on another day, we don’t need a movie to understand that somewhere there is someone who will believe and do anything for us, and we for them, no matter what. So start looking!

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the Holidays!