A story I could not find…

The sun sets on another day…

I was online yesterday and there was chatter about daughters and I tried to find a story I once read a long time ago on the internet. So much changes I thought I would write it here so people could find it. Sorry if someone knows a source, I did not easily see it and will reference it here if anyone does find it. This is from memory, give me a little slack.


As a child reached puberty a mother became more and more estranged from her. No matter how nice she was the daughter was mean spirited and often terse and out of control. As the mother impressed more rules there was even more turmoil and the daughter became increasingly angry. After all, it was her life, not her mothers. Her grades began to suffer, and her social interactions became darker and the mother kept trying.

One day the daughter had enough and looked at her mother, “Get out of my face,” she said, “I hate you, stay away from me.”

The mother, sad and dejected, tried to comfort her daughter but it only made it worse. The daughter was more and more hurtful and the mother stood and took it all. Finally the daughter stormed to her room and slammed the door.

The daughter fell asleep angry. When she awoke the next morning there was a small box on her nightstand. The daughter was amused and opened the box finding a rock. She was puzzled and saw the small note underneath the rock.

On it the words were, “I know this time of your life is hard, and I am here for you. There are many things I understand, and some I do not, but we can overcome them together. This rock will have long since turned to dust before I will give up on you. I love you.”

The daughters eyes were opened and she cried for a moment, seeing for the first time herself through her mothers eyes. She went to her mother and hugged her and rumor has it, they found new ways to talk and to laugh and to love.

Now, this is from memory, so if you ever find a link of it or have some different ideas, suggest them, but I thought it needed to be somewhere. 

So as the sun sets on another day, life is super. Children are great, and being a good parent sometimes isn’t easy.  Enjoy your time and all the time you have with your children because they are the legacy you leave. Enjoy them always, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and thanks for reading…

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