A point of view…

The sun sets on another day…

Today was a fun day, and the sun setting was just a smidge later, making the day a bit lighter, but no sunset. Instead rain, thunder, and a little more rain covered the horizon.

I was laughing today about a discussion. I was discussing lake MI and just had the same discussion yesterday. Someone was telling me that lake Michigan doesn’t have beaches because beaches are only on oceans. Of course, they have never been on the beach at lake Michigan, nor have they ever seen a 10 foot wave coming at them on lake MI. Instead, they made a statement based on what they knew which was the ocean.

For those of you that haven’t been to lake MI it is equally as beautiful as any ocean and equally as treacherous. As you look across the lake there is no end to the horizon and all you see is water and an occasional super freighter. In the end those haven’t seemed lake Michigan don’t really understand. Instead they see a lake as a small body of water that you can put a small boat on.

A long time ago I moved to Kentucky and after several years I decided to rent a boat on a Kentucky lake. I took care of all of it online and then went down to the lake with my family. I had grown up on lakes in Michigan and thought a lake was a lake. When I arrived and got the boat together I asked where the lake was in this small Marina on what I thought was a river. I was rapidly told that I was on the lake. After going up and down on the lake I realized that it’s largest it was maybe 100 feet wide. I soon learned that that was about it and had to look for larger lakes in the state.

So what, right?

Without common views you can’t understand everything. I only say this because maybe we all need to listen a little, learn a little, and not be so sure of ourselves. I am sure when the person I talked to today, and the others I talked to yesterday, see Lake Michigan they will go “oops”. Just like I did in Kentucky.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets be open to knowing we might not know, and learn something new every day. After all, days are amazing right? Keep being as amazing as any day, each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live wisely…