The sun sets on another day…

Sunset beamed down as I went in search of the immortal Pi day delicacy, Pie. I found myself enjoying the drive and my steadfast companion, Pepper, enjoyed it as well.

I hope you found something to be excited about today. There are numerous items that come to mind. A little story first. In the mid 70s my Grandfather came home to us (I spent summers with my grandparents) with a special type of excitement. He was a math professor at a college and his department had gotten a new thing, a computer. He carried a stack of green and white folded paper in front of him and had a huge smile on his face. What was the paper? It was Pi, calculated as far as the first bin of paper would allow. He and I then poured gleefully over the printout starting with the familiar 3.1415926 and laughed looking for any repeat or mistake. That fascination brought my grandfather joy. It was terrific. (If you like PI, check this site!)

I find myself now, around 50 years later, finding joy in that memory, and in everything I can find that elicits passion, creates satisfaction, or finds a way to anywhere. It is there we often have to consider, our happiness and joy. It is not given to us, we have to choose to embrace it. I can only suggest that you do, in fact, embrace it.

As I ate my Pie thinking of Pi I thought about my grandfather and the joy he took in so much. It is with him in mind that I think about life and living and pushing for happiness every day. It doesn’t take much, sometimes it is just a word, a smell, a sound, maybe a stack of green paper, but there is a doorway into happiness for you if you just look.

So as the sun sets on another day, I had banana cream pie. I wanted cherry, but ooops, sold out. Maybe next time I will bake my own cherry pie, and enjoy the flavor. Still, the pie I have is good, and it game me a great moment. Be happy with your moments, and make the world yours, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find your pie.. (pi?)