Never a gull…

Never a gull flies out to sea but carries my spirit, wild and free.

A nice quote that was on my grandmothers wall, even though most seagulls are pretty messy and not too nice (pretty much as they are portrayed in the movie “Finding Nemo”. That being said I have always had a fascination with seagulls since I read Jonathon Livingston Seagull soo many years ago.

The idea of searching for perfection in life is ultimately noble and sometimes very lost. Too many people get lost in fear of failure, disappointment, and how people will see them that they lose the gift of life, and give it up for an almost noble cause, instead of creating a legacy that can be much more fulfilling. In Jonathon Livingston Seagull poor Jon is ridiculed by all as he tries to find his way and become the ultimate expert on flying. After all, what gull really wants to fly instead of eat?

As this gull flies into the sunset I imagine he (or she) may well be on his way to finding a more noble cause than a new meal. Instead he or she riding the winds feeling the power of us all and rising above to the heavens as we can only imagine. I took this shot in San Diego as waves of anguish ran over my soul, only to have them lifted by this simple sight. So take a moment, think of your passion, and be the best there can be at it, rise above it all and be free! (Or go out and eat eat eat, either way is the seagull way)

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