The Breeze Blows

The sun sets on another day as the breeze blows across the waters. (No, this is not a picture from today or this weekend, but one of thousands from files).

I love sunsets. If you had not guessed I am fascinated with both sunrises and sunsets, but as the sun sets we seem to get just a little more color, or I am in tune just a little more with color. For today lets consider the essence of love for a moment.

Well, maybe not, let’s set aside love for today, and just enjoy the breeze, the picture, and the moment and realize that love is at the center of all we are, without it we are not anything. (No, not really an opinion, just the facts ma’am).

Love someone today, with all your heart, for tomorrow they may be gone.

We will come around to more later…..



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