The Cold and Rain

The sun sets on another day and today we are faced with again missing the sun set that calls to us, and knowing that tomorrow will be another potential for a bright day.  I need a few bright days! So I am taking them!

I have been talking to quite a few people recently about my potentially unrealistic expectations of life. We all expect something from life, even if we don’t always get it, and it appears many people may well think that I am unrealistic in that vein, hence my overwhelming passion with sunsets, sunrises, and just about everything that I come into contact with to a point that some from my past have said I was not believable. Nay nay, or dit dit dit, I say. I am over the top because I see every day what life has to offer through everyone I come into contact with. (Well most everyone)

The big question we should be asking is do we deserve the fairy tale or do we deserve a fairy tale? Confused? Yes, I see that. In the movie “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts makes reference to wanting the fairy tale. In other words she wants the perfect life every day in which we watch the sun rise, love like there is not tomorrow, then watch the sun set as we prepare for another day and to do it all over again. This works out pretty good for her as her costar, a battered and confused man who loves her and does not know it, does not know what he wants until he is faced with the prospect of losing her forever. (Not a fun thing to go through, even if you are a billionaire) So there is a perfect life with a fairy tale in the movies, but we are never sure how it goes from there (No Pretty Woman 2?) and it is hard to make that jump without some assurances. 

On the flip side we have a host of really bad other places to be, but I like “Sleeping with the Enemy” where we once again have Julia Roberts who seems to have the perfect life, except behind closed doors her husband is somewhere past a complete lunatic. Lets face it, with a husband like him, you may as well fake your own death and run away, which turned out to be a pretty good idea. In that case and in the case of many people, they live a fairy tale because nothing is true but the lies. Poor Julia Roberts is just so sweet and nice and everyone thinks she is just so damn happy, but she is getting her bottom kicked at every turn until she finds a way out.

So which should we live? Do we find that perfect person to share life with and enjoy every moment so the world can see how happy we are? Or do we lie every moment of our life and pray it was worth it?

Call em an over optimist, but I feel strongly that the good lord in all his power shows us things for a reason, and the reason is not to live a lie, but to find happiness in our time on earth, teach happiness to those around us, and find a way to live a fulfilled life, no matter what. I guess there will be many others that will agree to disagree for nebulous reasons, or self inflicted punishment, or a lack of self esteem, yada yada yada, but who is right only time will tell. So make tomorrow a bright day, enjoy every moment, find someone who loves you with all their heart, and you love with all your heart, and watch the sun go down together, then maybe life will have a purpose.



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