Darkness dispelled by the light…

The sun sets on another day….

Ever notice when it gets darkest that there is sometimes a light that shines on each of us? Some may consider it divine, some may consider it random, some may consider this whole line of thinking “dumb”, but I would like to believe there can be light in any situation. Lots of people pray for a solution but maybe it is up to us to find the right solution. By right I mean the right solution for us to be happy, living a true life to ourselves and loving every day. Don’t you all think you deserve a better day? Take a deep breath, dispel the fear, and let the light shine on you to take the steps for your life to be happy. Sometimes it is just a moment away.

So, I need a slick movie reference or biblical quote here, or just a plain inspiration so this will not seem like the rantings of a madman. This one is pretty easy, er, well it could be hard because of the number of good choices. I think for the moment I have to go with “The Notebook” as two people so in love have to find a way. The moral of this movie in my opinion, is that if there is unlimited passion between two people, love finds a way. Of course, there is a lot of pain, suffering, and poor decisions in between, but love finds a way, and you will never see a man love a woman more and a woman love a man more. (Well, you might and a few will, I know at least one is out there) The point is in this movie the main character proves himself to himself and the woman realizes what she has lost the moment she sees him again. It is only when things are at their darkest that she turns the tables and makes things right. (At least I consider it right).

Live life, love life, love yourself (but not too much) and never ever live a lie, nothing is ever worth it. (That is with a capital N) (You never know, that other guy or girl may have more to offer than you think)

Oh, and for a fun read (In my opinion) try “A Dark Night“, just for a fun October read.


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