The colors of reality….

It is unfortunate in life that you often do not know what is real and what is not. As I took pictures tonight I was talking to a friend about it and we were musing how different photography has become as we have grown up with it. What once was a major ordeal in a darkroom has become a computerized quickie that can change the world as we view it. Take tonight’s sunset, we see the photo above that is real as I took it through the lens, and it is very similar to what I saw. With a little magic it can become this:

The question can become “which is real?”. This is true in life as well, as we want to believe in the truth, but often it is just a version of the truth. Remember, the truth does come out, and we should live our truth, each and every day. Live for love, live for happiness, and it will spread all around us, each day, and the world will be a better place for us being here. As the sun sets on another day, the darkness falls, but I know tomorrow it will rise again, with hope and happiness and a possibility of the fairy tale. (We do deserve that you know)

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moon, and the stars beyond…..

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