Majestic colors

When the sun rose this morning the number of shades of red was almost an assault to the senses. From crimson to rose, from pink to fiery red, all of these colors were painted on the clouds by a majestic brush that swayed ever so slightly in the wind. As the sun set today, no color remained, and the clouds closed in and seemed to take away all light.

Sometimes it may seem that way in life. That at the start of something the power and majesty of it all is all consuming, but at the end, or the perceived end there may be a darkness that closes in on us and takes away the wind from our sails. I suggest we pass on that feeling, and pass on the gray skies, and instead remember the power, majesty, and color of all that we do. There are so many possible outcomes in our lives that worrying about anything but the most important is less than productive. Take a deep breath, hold on, and hope constantly for the best. Close your eyes, breathe in deep and remember the scent of something special. Listen closely to the wind and hear the voices that once called to you. Remember the feel of something special, a touch of a railing, a tree, or a persons hand. Remember a sunset you once loved, remember a person who touched you deeply, remember happiness and how you felt as you were lost in a moment.

The sun may set with no color, and there may be thoughts of despair, but chase them away knowing the world is a better place because you are in it.


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