The pieces of the puzzle

As the sun sets on another day I sit quietly and consider how the pieces of the puzzle may fall together in our lives. Quite often we are not sure about tomorrow, a little concerned about yesterday and many people are still wondering about today. This is perfectly normal to most people, but as I sit here pondering all of my yesterdays and considering all of my tomorrows, I am usually happy with today. Don’t get me wrong, I have my bad days, but I try to rise above them. It is only when someone does something really really insensitive that I have difficulty seeing the forest through the trees, but even then I have hope.

So let’s consider the pieces of the puzzle. We have our jobs, our friends, our family, and a hundred other items that build together to make our today. More important we have the pieces of our past that bind together as well to make our present. We need to look at all the aspects of our life and build a good future, not wait for someone else to build it or assume it will be built for us. We should take our lessons, those pieces of the puzzle we often set aside, and build the foundations of a new life. We should consider this path each and every day to that point that our sun sets forever.

In my opinion the puzzle pieces we need are : Honor, love, kindness, and mostly passion. As I say over and over, passion should be the focus and center of our lives and in the end, it will be passion that wins out over all else.

I am reminded of the man i knew of who sat in the hospital bed after surgery. When he awoke it was beyond the pain, beyond the fear, he just wanted his wife. His passion for her was absolute, and that type of passion is what our pieces of the puzzle should take us towards.

Let the sun set, consider your pieces of your puzzle, and make tomorrow a better life by looking at what is necessary to make your picture complete.


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