The cold wind..

Photo by Gary Samples

The sun sets on another day…

The cold wind blows and takes away the warmth of the day
I feel the chill invade my body, my heart, and my soul
the wind blows, and I feel the grip of ice upon me
little knowing how hard comes the tole
The chill is upon me now and i close my eyes
the warmth of your light a glowing spark
I feel the warmth return to me
and chase away the imposing dark
Close my eyes and make it right
chase away the darkest night
a memory held that warms my life
and a hope of time and no more strife

You know, each day we are given a choice on how we perceive life. It can be cold and stormy, or warm and inviting. The choice daily is up to us as the world may not ever be on our side. As such we have to have the courage to step above what the world gives us and keep our positive attitude while doing the necessary to eliminate the low parts in our life. Eliminate is a tough word. I have been eliminated before and it is not  pleasant journey. By the same token I have eliminated before,  and had to bear the pain of penance and eventual redemption of my own. 

So I say to all, make good decisions for love and peace in your life and live every moment you can to enjoy your life and be happy. 



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