The fences we build

The sun sets on another day…

…on the beach the fences are built to hold the sands from being eroded by the massive forces of nature. The dunes can be blown away, roads covered by sand, and the beach as a whole can suffer. Men have seen this and the fences they build hold the sand fast, while letting the wind and force of the world pass harmlessly by.

So we too build our fences to save us from the world that can erode us with its massive forces, the people and situations that erode us and make us worn from life. With that in mind many of us build massive fences, to protect our core from the pain, suffering, and despair that can overwhelm our hearts and our souls. Many of us are surrounded by truth, and some are not, but in the end this is not the way.

I feel strongly that we need to let the walls down sometimes for the right people and let them in, the walls protect us but there are those people we can trust and allow close enough for us to experience the joy of life, the joy of living, and the joy of passion and love. So take a moment, and determine those people you can trust, let them in, trust them with your heart, protect their heart, and love more that you ever thought possible, the benefits are worth it, no matter what.


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