Sacrifice (Part 1)

Photo by Gary Samples

The sun sets on another day…

Who are we now? It is an easy question I suppose, or is it? 

When the sun sets it sacrifices its light for the darkness that envelopes us all, but only on the promise of another day. Well, at least this is one way of seeing it. The sun sacrifices? Well, not really, the sun just goes to the other side of the planet, but it is a wonderful fantasy that the sun can be personified as giving us light each day, to show us our way, or at least our hands in front of our faces.

It is not always so with people. In general terms we have transformed ourselves as a race to avoid sacrifice for the most part, with very little being anything but selfish. (Ick, this does not sound like a positive post, but I will get there) We avoid looking at each other, avoid helping each other and think only of our selfish needs for the most part with people fighting to the death over toasters, even if they do not like toast.

Do not dismay, there is hope. We can find a way back to where we need to be, or at least 1/2 way by paying attention to our parents, and usually they understand the meaning of sacrifice, in favor of their child. If we pay attention to the mother who eats a little less so her child can have more, or the mother who drives an older car, so her son can go to a special school, or the father who works three jobs to give his children something they want, we are part of the way there. Well, part way. 

Perhaps we need to give our children our time, and skip the more. Give our children our hearts, and skip their wants, and give our children their needs and skip the special school. Perhaps we need to sacrifice our visions of sugarplums and move towards visions of wisdom. Now there is a sacrifice. Perhaps we need to teach our children that being selfish is not an answer, and living selfishly is not an answer either. 

Wow, this could become a massive rant, and I do not want to rant, instead I am just suggesting that you stop buying your child a new car, and give them a hug. I am suggesting you stop sitting your child in front of a TV, and instead play a game with them. I am suggesting you stop posting how good life is on Facebook, and make life good in the real world. I mean really good, not fake emotion goshie gee, but find that way to show your child that love and passion are more than just words.

We are all guilty, but perhaps it is time for us to sacrifice and make the world a better place, where love, passion, truth, and honor are more than just words. Where fear is a memory, and where true love conquers violence, and the light chases away the darkness.

I pray today:

My children, I hope I have always shown you that love is better than anything else. I make mistakes, and I will make mistakes again, but at the forefront of my life is you, and I hope I have shown you that sometimes things are not perfect, but always love and passion are more important than lies and falsehoods. I hope I have shown you how to believe in a better world, to stand up and help create it and not to look at your needs before anyone else’s, including my own. For if we protect each others hearts, then we truly can make a better world. I will not hurt you intentionally, ever, as I know you will not hurt me intentionally and when one day you are the adult, I hope you can look back and understand the decisions I have made were to better your life and my own, so we can be happy forever. – Dad

Have a good night all, and as the cool night takes us to dreams, lets dream of a better world, and then make it happen.


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