The sun sets on another day…

Today we take a break from our sacrifices and consider balance in our lives and the lives of others. In the movie “The Karate Kid” Mr Miyagi teaches Daniel a lesson in balance. Balance as it pertained to Karate, and balance as it pertained to life. In the movie Daniel learned this lesson in balance and as it progressed understood that in order to have a good life, you must achieve balance with everything you do. It is a good movie, if you have not seen it you should at least once.

My point is, that like the movie we should consider the good and bad, the happy and sad, the positive and negative, and all the aspects in our life as we achieve balance. We could never understand how good life could be, if we did not experience the bad. We could not be appreciative of the nice things we have, if we have never experienced what it was like to have nothing. We could not know the pure passions of love, unless we knew the isolation of being alone.

So today, hug yourself for a moment and consider the positives and negatives in your life, and as you accept the negative, so too rejoice in the positive as they will make your life complete. Doing so will allow you to take flight, and find a better way, and let loose the negative and always find the positive. 

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